In our approach to making great authentic Japanese ramen, we value traditional methods. This means creating original recipes from fresh and raw ingredients. To accomplish this, our concept takes an artisan approach. Using the knowledge our team has gained from our experience in Japan, we have built our ramen menu inspired by famous styles popular in Japan.

We offer three different ramen broths. A pork and chicken Chintan broth, a pork and chicken Paitan broth, and a vegetable vegan Sapporo Broth. Our broths are combined with different toppings, noodles, tare, and aroma oil to create seven different ramen bowls on our regular menu. Ramen toppings can be added A La Carte to create your ideal ramen bowl. We hope you enjoy!

Our Vegetable Sapporo Ramen features a Sapporo broth, Shoyu oil, fragrance oil, wavy noodles, menma, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, scallions, cabbage, onions, and nori.

Uncooked Noodles

We are now offering the option to order uncooked noodles for curbside pickup or delivery. Cooking your noodles fresh at home is a great way to enjoy the Yujo dine-in experience in your own home. Noodles are easy to cook, and we’ve prepared these instructions to help you!

Delivery Options

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